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27/03/24 | 12:17 pm

Biden credits Indian Crew for quick action in Baltimore bridge collapse

US President Joe Biden lauded the prompt action by personnel on board the cargo ship ‘Dali’, which struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore causing the bridge to plunge into the river below sending several people and vehicles into the water.

The shipping company Synergy Maritime Group, responsible for managing the Singapore-flagged freighter, revealed that the entire 22-member crew aboard the vessel are of Indian nationality.

Personnel on board the ship were able to alert the Maryland Department of Transportation that they had lost control of their vessel prompting the local authorities to close the bridge to traffic before the catastrophic was impact, a move which “undoubtedly” saved lives, President Biden on Wednesday said during his comments at the White House regarding the Baltimore bridge collapse.

Biden said that “Everything so far indicates that this was a terrible accident. At this time, we have no other indication – no other reason to believe there was any intentional act here.”

The Maryland state police reported that six individuals, initially missing following the bridge collapse, are now presumed dead.

President Biden noted its status as one of the nation’s largest shipping hubs. He underscored its record cargo handling capacity, particularly in automobiles and light trucks, with around 850,000 vehicles passing through annually. Biden reassured efforts to restore operations at the port swiftly.

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