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Celebrating India’s Rich Cultural Heritage: IGNCA and Prasar Bharati’s New Collaboration

Get ready to witness the vibrant cultural programs of the country’s leading art institution, the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), on Doordarshan’s channel, DD Bharati, every Sunday. This unique initiative marks a significant step where a government institution presents its work to the public professionally. Dr. Sachchidanand Joshi, the Member Secretary of IGNCA, aims to showcase the various dimensions of India’s rich culture through this weekly cultural program. He stated, “India’s cultural richness and diversity are unparalleled, and to keep it alive and reach the masses, this weekly cultural program on Doordarshan is being initiated. We have partnered with Prasar Bharati, and presenting a weekly TV program has its own challenges of meeting the audience’s expectations. We hope to succeed. IGNCA’s Media Centre will execute this work. The aim is to present the vibrant threads of India’s art, traditions, and stories to the public every week.”

IGNCA has recently been in the limelight for its significant contributions, including the complete artwork for the new Parliament building of the country. Over the past 35 years, IGNCA has pioneered the country’s art scene. Recently, the institution also contributed to the construction of Nataraja’s statue at the G-20 summit, the evaluation of Sengol’s historicity, and the collection of facts to establish it in the new Parliament building. IGNCA operates as an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Culture. The institution not only conducts regular academic work related to the arts, humanities, and culture but also promotes dialogue between art and modern science and technology to bridge the intellectual gap between modern science and art and culture. The institution boasts one of the country’s magnificent libraries, housing over 300,000 books, including collections of eminent literary figures and artists. Over the past 35 years, the institution has documented all its significant works through audio-video documentation. The Media Centre of the institution has approximately 20,000 hours of recordings, including performances of renowned artists and academic discussions.

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