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11/07/24 | 5:54 pm

Delhi govt hikes pollution certificate rates after 13 years

The Delhi government on Thursday increased pollution under check (PUC) certificate rates after 13 years. This decision followed a request from the Delhi Petrol Dealers Association to raise the fees.

The new rates for PUC certificates for Petrol, CNG, or LPG two and three-wheelers have been hiked from Rs 60 to Rs 80, while Rs 110 has been set for Petrol, CNG, or LPG four-wheelers and above, up from Rs 80. Additionally, the pollution check fee for diesel vehicles has been raised from Rs 100 to Rs 140.

These revised rates will take effect once they are officially notified by the state government.

Addressing the media, Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said, “In response to the longstanding demands of the Delhi Petrol Dealers Association and to keep up with the rising costs of pollution-checking services, we have decided to revise the rates. This revision is essential to ensure that pollution-checking stations can continue to operate efficiently and provide quality services to the public. We are committed to ensuring that all vehicles meet the required pollution standards.”


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