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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has taken a significant step towards strengthening India’s defence capabilities by awarding seven new projects to private sector companies.

This move, part of the Technology Development Fund scheme, aims to nurture industries in the defence and aerospace sectors, with a particular focus on supporting MSMEs and startups.

Among the approved projects is an Indigenous Scenario and Sensor Simulation Toolkit, awarded to Oxygen 2 Innovation Pvt Ltd in Noida. This toolkit will enable simulator training for pilots in realistic scenarios, aiding in full mission planning and large-force engagement simulations.

Sagar Defence Engineering Pvt Ltd in Pune has been tasked with developing an Underwater Launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. This versatile marine battlefield accessory will serve multiple combat roles, primarily focused on Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA).

IROV Technologies Pvt Limited, a startup based in Kochi, will work on Long-range Remotely Operated Vehicles for Detection and Neutralisation. These dual-use systems will enhance underwater object detection and neutralization capabilities while keeping key assets at a safe distance.

Craftlogic Labs Pvt Ltd in Bengaluru has been awarded the project to develop an Ice Detection Sensor for Aircraft. This crucial technology will help detect in-flight icing conditions, improving aviation safety.

Chennai-based Data Pattern (India) Limited will develop a Radar Signal Processor with an Active Antenna Array Simulator. This technology will facilitate the deployment of multiple target systems for testing short-range aerial weapon systems.

Accord Software and Systems Pvt Ltd in Bengaluru will work on an Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System-based Timing Acquisition and Dissemination System. This project aims to indigenize timing systems using Indian satellite constellations.

Lastly, Alohatech Private Limited in Coimbatore will develop Graphene-Based Smart and E-textiles for multifunctional wearable applications, pushing the boundaries of advanced materials in practical clothing.

(Inputs from ANI)

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