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16/06/24 | 1:26 pm | Eid Al Adha | Muslims

Eid Al Adha Commemorated by Muslims Worldwide

Muslims across the United Arab Emirates and around the globe ushered in the holy festival of Eid Al Adha with prayers and celebrations on Sunday, June 16th.

Eid Al Adha, also called the Feast of Sacrifice, is one of the two major Islamic festivals observed annually. It commemorates Prophet Ibrahim’s ultimate test of faith when God commanded him to sacrifice his son Ismail, before providing a lamb as a substitute. The day began with special Eid prayers and the ritual of sacrificing, reenacting Ibrahim’s willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice out of obedience to God.

In Saudi Arabia, the spiritual highpoint was the gathering of over 1.5 million pilgrims from 180 countries at Muzdalifah after descending from Mount Arafat – a key ritual of the annual Hajj pilgrimage that coincides with Eid Al Adha. Falling in Zil Hajj, the 12th and final month of the Islamic lunar calendar, Eid Al Adha holds supreme significance as it represents the values of devotion, faith and divine intervention.

Eid al-Adha holds deep significance as it commemorates the story of Prophet Ibrahim, who, as an act of obedience to God, demonstrated his willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail. However, God intervened and provided a lamb as a substitute for sacrifice, highlighting the importance of faith and divine intervention.

Vinod Kumar (UAE)

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