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Former Israeli envoy to India lauds Indian support after Hamas attacks

Former Israeli envoy to India, Daniel Carmon, on Thursday, came out in praise of the Indian government over its support for his country after the horrific terror attacks by Hamas on October 7, last year, saying New Delhi sent out a larder message by putting its weight behind its ‘strategic partner’.

“The wonderful ties and the strategic relations between India and Israel are well known. And it was only natural and very much appreciated that the government of India made a statement, a very quick one, of support to its strategic partner, Israel. These relations are very strong and will continue,” he said.

“The international community should stand in solidarity with us in light of this tragedy (the October 7 attacks) and should not leave us to fend for itself even for a single second until all contentious issues are resolved, and until they (Israeli hostages) are unconditionally and immediately released. India knows a thing or two about terrorism and how to confront it,” he added.

On Hamas holding hostages, the former Israeli envoy said it was an “immense and a terrible crime” to abduct ordinary citizens from their homes, adding that the international community should be “aware of the October 7 tragedy and should not leave till all hostages are released safely”.

“The situation right now is two-fold. The forum of families of hostages is trying to give the human aspect, the assistance of the civil society in Israel to the families who have lost track of their loved ones that have been kidnapped… We have to understand that the terrorist organisation that kidnapped our people is committing a terrible crime by taking ordinary citizens from their homes. This isn’t part of a war,” the former envoy said.

The war in Gaza rages on after Israel launched a counter-offensive in response to the Hamas attacks on October 7. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was one of the first global leaders to condemn the horrific terror attacks in southern Israel that left over a thousand dead and scores more injured. (ANI)

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