Feedback | Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The Dubai Art Centre, one of the city’s oldest art institutions, is currently hosting the “Hunar” exhibition, a captivating display of Indian folk and tribal art. The exhibition highlights the rich cultural heritage of India’s folk and tribal art forms. Folk art, often associated with rural communities, encompasses a wide range of themes, while tribal art is specifically tied to indigenous communities, reflecting their unique customs, rituals, and deep connection to nature.

Organized by Videsha Pandey, an advocate for underrepresented Indian art forms, the exhibition features a diverse range of works, including a Ramayana painting depicting all seven chapters of the epic.

“Our goal is to bring attention to the rich diversity of Indian art that often goes unnoticed on the global stage,” said Pandey. “Each piece tells a story of India’s cultural diversity.”

Visitors to the exhibition can explore various artistic styles from across India, including Aipan art from Uttarakhand, Madhubani art from Bihar, and Warli art from Maharashtra. The exhibition also features vibrant murals of Kerala , intricate Muria art of Chhattisgarh, each piece offering a glimpse into the soul of Indian traditions.

The “Hunar” exhibition provides a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts in Dubai to immerse themselves in the diverse world of Indian folk and tribal art, experiencing firsthand the cultural richness and artistic heritage of India.

By, Vinod Kumar, Dubai


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