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Indian Consulate in Dubai hosts ‘Open House’ to Address Community Grievances

The Consulate General of India in Dubai hosted a ‘Weekend Open House’ session on Saturday 04 May 2024 marking another milestone in the community outreach program.

Chaired by Consul General Satish Kumar Sivan, the interactive event saw over 100 Indian nationals in attendance, providing them with a direct platform to voice their grievances and seek assistance.

“The Weekend Open House allows us to stay connected with the needs and concerns of our vast diaspora in Dubai and the Northern Emirates,” said Sivan. “We aim to offer timely resolution to issues faced by our community members.” Sivan expressed gratitude towards UAE authorities and the Indian community for their steadfast support to the Consulate’s efforts.

A team of legal experts & community volunteers were also present to assist in queries related to consular and legal matters affecting Indian expatriates in the UAE. Several grievances were addressed on the spot, while others requiring further intervention were duly noted.

Issues regarding Passport & related services, Visa & OCI, Education, Labour & Welfare, Housemaid issues, Trade & Commerce were also addressed on the occasion.

The Consulate had introduced a 365-day work policy from August 2020, ensuring consular officers are available daily to address the issues of the diaspora including weekends and public holidays. The consulate also operates emergency services round the clock via the helpline number.

The Consulate continues providing financial assistance, in certain deserving cases to distressed Indian nationals through the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF), and also aiding housemaids in need.

With an estimated 3.5 million Indians residing in the UAE, a majority concentrated in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, the Open House serves as a vital communication channel between the mission and the diaspora.

The resumption of the Open House underscores the Consulate’s commitment to proactively addressing issues impacting the well-being of the Indian expatriate community under its jurisdiction.

By – Vinod Kumar (Dubai)

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