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Mahalaxmi Jatra celebrates Nepal’s cultural heritage

The Mahalaxmi Jatra in Kathmandu Valley started on Akshaya Tritiya day of Baisakh month and continues for three days culminating today in several localities as Banepa Nala and Panauti of Nepal. It is a traditional festival celebrated in honour of the goddess Mahalaxmi.

In Banepa in the Kavre District, the Jatra starts by making Chariots for Goddess Mahalaxmi, Lord Ganesh and Shivling in the Ugrachandi temple premise in Nala. During this Jatra, devotees gather to worship the goddess, take her in a chariot to take a round of the village and play with vermillion, completely colouring the streets red, through which the chariot moves. Devotees push the chariots and take over every lane in the town seeking goddess blessings. It is a significant event in the local community, blending religious traditions with cultural festivities.

Nala Bhagwati is a temple situated in the Banepa Municipality of Kavrepalanchok district. The temple was built in the pagoda style whose foundations were laid by Jagajyoti Malla, the king of Bhaktapur in 1677 B.S.

Sweta Singh (Kathmandu)

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