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05/12/23 | 3:06 pm

Ministry of Panchayati Raj unveils GIS application to empower Gram Panchayats

The Ministry of Panchayati Raj has taken a significant step towards empowering Gram Panchayats through technology-driven spatial planning with the launch of the Geographic Information System (GIS) application “Gram Manchitra.” This initiative, underscored by Union Minister of State for Panchayati Raj, Kapil Moreshwar Patil, in a written reply in Lok Sabha, amplifies the role of technology in enhancing local governance.

Gram Manchitra leverages geo-spatial technology to provide a unified platform for visualizing and planning developmental works across diverse sectors. The GIS application serves as a dynamic Geo-Spatial platform, enabling Gram Panchayats to comprehensively visualize and plan projects related to natural resource management, water harvesting, sanitation, agriculture, and more.

The integration of data from assets geo-tagged using the mActionSoft application further enhances the platform's utility, offering a comprehensive view of developmental projects within Gram Panchayats. mActionSoft, a mobile-based solution, facilitates the capture of photos with geo-tags (GPS coordinates) at various project stages, creating a detailed repository of information on works and assets across different sectors. The geotagging process, especially for assets funded by the Finance Commission, adds an additional layer of transparency and accountability.

by Manish Poswal

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