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Two scientists win China’s top sci-tech award

Two Chinese scientists, Li Deren and Xue Qikun, won China’s top science award on Monday for their outstanding contributions to the country’s science and technology development.

At an annual ceremony held Monday in Beijing to honor distinguished scientists and engineers, Li, a scientist in photogrammetry and remote sensing, and Xue, a scientist in materials physics, were awarded the State Preeminent Science and Technology Award, China’s top science honor.

Other awards announced at the ceremony include the State Natural Science Award with a first prize and 48 second prizes, the State Technological Invention Award with eight first prizes and 54 second prizes, the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award with three special prizes, 16 first prizes, and 120 second prizes. A total of 10 individuals won the China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award.

Significant achievements continue to emerge in the field of basic research, with the State Natural Science Award consistently presenting first prizes for nine consecutive years.

Young scientific and technological talents have become a vital force driving innovation in China. Approximately 40 percent of the participants under the age of 45 completed the general projects of the three major awards. In the State Natural Science Award, over half of the participants under the age of 45 contributed to the awarded projects.


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