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Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan inspires UAE students in Sustainability

Union Education and Skill Development Minister of India, Dharmendra Pradhan, had a thought-provoking engagement with students and faculty at the Abu Dhabi Indian School and India House, showcasing the immense potential for educational collaboration between India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The interaction, marked by insightful discussions, emphasized the shared commitment of India and the UAE to bolstering their academic ties. Minister Pradhan, spearheaded the dialogue that focused on the realms of education, innovation, and the opportunities for closer collaboration in the academic sector.

During the session, Minister Pradhan highlighted the enduring significance of 'Vasu Daiva Kutumbakam,' emphasizing that it transcends borders and embraces all of humanity as one family. He underlined the dynamic nature of education and the challenges it faces in the contemporary world. The Minister also shared insights into India's recent educational reforms, particularly the National Education Policy, which envisions creating a new order in education. The policy aims to nurture 21st-century global citizens by providing rooted education and futuristic information. Minister Pradhan noted that these changes are essential to address global challenges and promote peace.

One key aspect of the discussion revolved around sustainability. Minister Pradhan discussed India's efforts to align its curriculum with sustainability challenges. The government is launching campaigns to address issues like plastic waste and advocating the 'vocal for local' initiative, which is closely linked to sustainability. The session was an embodiment of the vision to “Connect Minds and Nations,” as it aimed to foster a deeper understanding of the possibilities for cooperation in the educational domain between the two countries. 

The session underlined the pivotal role of academic institutions in bridging the gap between nations and fostering global collaboration. As the journey towards closer educational ties continues, the exchange of knowledge and ideas between India and the UAE promises a brighter future for both nations.


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