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Sadhguru undergoes emergency brain surgery at Apollo in Delhi

Spiritual guru and founder of the Isha Foundation, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, has undergone emergency brain surgery at Apollo Hospital in Delhi after massive swelling and bleeding in his brain.

According to the Isha Foundation, Sadguru was examined by Dr Vinit Suri, a senior consultant neurologist at Apollo Hospitals and was advised to undergo an MRI, where massive bleeding in his brain was detected.

“The MRI showed that he had massive bleeding in the brain. It is outside the brain and below the bone. There was massive two-time bleeding–one that happened about three weeks back and the second that happened around two-to-three days ago,” Suri said.

On March 17, Sadhguru’s neurological status rapidly worsened with a progressive decline in his level of consciousness.

A team of doctors consisting of Dr Vinit Suri, Dr Pranav Kumar, Dr Sudheer Tyagi and Dr S Chatterjee performed the surgery within a few hours of admission to relieve the bleeding.

Sadhguru was weaned off the ventilator post-surgery.

He has shown steady progress and his brain, body and vital parameters are improving.

(Inputs from ANI)

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